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Opt In Lead Marketing is in a category of its own. Opt In marketing for new client acquisition is a powerful and effective marketing strategy that should never be under-estimated. No matter how long you have been in business, once you have exhausted your warm market, Opt In leads should be an integral part of your marketing plan.

Opt In Lead Marketing is much more effective than other advertising mediums because your targeted lead has already requested information on home based business opportunities - information that you will provide. Your marketing message is sent to the opt in lead, so you are targeting people who have explicitly requested to receive information about your products and services. Dollar for dollar, opt-in email marketing is THE most cost effective way a sales rep or company can produce new revenue streams in a fresh market. No lead market source is more highly targeted and qualified than our SafeLeads program. Our Opt In Lead specialists are experts - they know how to attract targeted visits from search engine searches for home based business opportunities, and the importance of targeting your marketing message to the right audience. Even the best sales pitch in the world won't generate a penny if it is not put before the right audience.

Opt In Lead Marketing - SafeLeads

Each person in our SafeLeads database has opted in to receive new business information and/or information on specific home based business opportunities. They reached the opt in form on one of our affiliated MLM or Network Marketing sites by seeking home based business information. We have then contacted them to confirm their interest, and then they reply again with their permission. Not only have these leads requested information, but becuase we promise that their personal information and email will never be included in any bulk mail or spam marketing lists, the lead prospects are far more reliable than any other mlm leads or home based business leads on the internet. And because we handle the forwarding of all marketing information, you never risk issues with your personal ISP or Hosting company.

Considering a Bulk Email Campaign?

If you are thinking about buying a bulk marketing list, and running your own campaign, pleaes reconsider. MLM bulk email marketing lead lists are usually compiled from defunct company directories, or contain numerous bogus and undeliverable email addresses. If you do find real email addresses in the list, its very likely that they have been spammed from hundreds of other bulk emailers who gathered their info from the exact same list.

No Prospect on Our SafeLeads List will receive more than three contacts. Period

Once a prospect requests home based business opportunity information, or to receive info on new home based business opportunities, the clock starts running.

First, the older the lead is, the less it costs. And you may select your leads based on cost and can estimate how fresh the request is by comparing to the leads at the very top of the list.

Second, if a prospect does not respond to a marketing offer, or opt out of our list, they still receive no more than three prospect emails. Period. We remove them from our list, forever.

Unique Factors of the SafeLeads Opt In Marketing Program:

All leads are from home based business prospects actively seeking information so they can start or join a business.

You select the specific leads you wish to contact through our SafeLeads program.
Unresponsive leads are filtered out. We do not recycle leads. We have deleted more leads than most companies have in their legitimate databases.

We fit your budget. Send MLM leads today, tweak your campaign for better results, send more tomorrow.

The Quality Of Your Offer

It most cases it's necessary to test and experiment with different offers to obtain an outstanding response rate. By allowing you to select the network marketing leads you contact, the freshness, the location, and the volume, you can develop the most effective campaign to meet the needs of our home based business prospects.

Check It Out. Free

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Affiliate Program

You may also refer friends and collegues to our SafeLeads program, and earn a generous referral commission on every SafeLeads order.

No Monthly Requirements

There are no monthly requirements, or other hidden costs. Pay as you go, use what you need, tweak your campagn and generate results.

Start Sending Marketing Message to Prospects for as little as $10.00.

A $10.00 SafeLeads package will get you started on the road to developing fresh prospects in fresh home based business markets.


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